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ePortfolio University


Welcome to the home of #ePortfolio University!

Here, we help you to form your ePortfolio for your online presence: accomplishments, endeavors, ideas, inspirations, presentations, projections, projects, reflections, studies, talents, etc. through utilizing Google Sites and integrating some other means such as Google Workspace: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and social media into it so that one can have their web presence stronger than ever.

There also is an opportunity that has come with the pandemic where the whole world turned digital; the schools have shut down their doors only to go distance, or the jobs that you didn't have to go to the office but show up in front of your computer, so that while you are in front of your digital windows ePortfolios can be formed as a great asset to show your credentials to the parties of interest.

So, if you think that the idea of having an ePortfolio appeals to you, you may communicate with us by email: and we can agree upon a time to meet through Zoom or Google Meet , then we can start working on your ePortfolio so that your online presence can be known/felt/heard because the purpose of this site is to help individuals and institutions to present themselves electronically to the world in a collective way by enabling them showcase their work: talents, accomplishments, endeavors, ideas, inspirations, projects, presentations, reflections, projections, etc.

Thank you for your interest, and let's keep in touch!